What Makes Us Thrive

Thrive Dental is a unique and incredible place. Their owner/founder cares so much about her patients and doing the best work and her integrity is impeccable. She is knowledgeable, listens and LOVES what she does which makes it fun to go there. Run don’t walk to Thrive Dental. The best!!!

Dr. Citrin

Photo of a Thrive Dental Co. team member sitting behind a desk showing a document to a patient


Thrive means eco-conscious dentistry that uses environmentally friendly alternatives to support a healthy mouth and a healthy environment.


Thrive means esthetically artful dental care that gently shapes your smile to enhance your overall beauty.

Photo of a smiling patient holding a toothbrush and looking at herself in the mirror
Photo of Acton dentist, Dr. Jenny Citrin, standing with two team members


Thrive means delivering an extraordinary dental experience that makes you look forward to every visit.


Thrive means you deserve the most modern technologies, techniques, technicians, and treatments available.

Photo of Dr. Jenny talking with two patients at a table
Photo of a dental patient and two team members


Thrive means making your life and our community a better and brighter place.

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Membership Plans

Little Smiles

Ages 3-12
$325 per year
All basic preventative care
10% discount on all other treatment

Big Smiles

Ages 13 & Up
$425 per year
All basic preventative care
10% discount on all other treatment
Free take-home whitening

Toujours Smile Membership

$499/Year – Includes:

  • 2 Oral Examinations
  • 1 Complimentary Emergency Visit (Includes Exam & X-Ray)
  • 2 Basic Cleanings (*conditions apply)
  • 2 Oral Cancer Screenings
  • 1 Professional Fluoride Treatment
  • 1 Full Mouth X-Ray
  • All Additional Radiographs & Intraoral Images as Needed
  • Membership Price for Deep Cleaning: $200/per Quadrant (*conditions apply)
  • $500 Off Invisalign (*conditions apply)
  • 20% Discount On All Other Dental Treatments, Including Cosmetic Makeovers. (*conditions apply)
  • 1 Complimentary In-House Teeth Whitening or Burst Sonic Toothbrush
Memberships cannot be combined with Insurance Plans.
PPO Insurance Plans Also Accepted. Contact our office to get started!

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